Online Grocery Shopping New Trend In India

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Online Grocery Shopping New Trend In India

Selling groceries and other daily-use products online can open up a sales avenue for retailers at little extra cost.

Groceries sell irrespective of the state of the economy. You can stop going to the cinema and restaurants, but there's no way you can live without toothpaste, soap and, well, vegetables. Caught in the city's fast pace, tedious commuting and long working hours, many consumers don't have the time to buy groceries or would like to avoid the chore.

Buyers are now quite comfortable ordering apparel, shoes, electronics, among others, online. With improving comfort with online payments, selling groceries online has become relatively easy.


With a large customer base and increasing penetration of Internet connectivity(partly through smartphones) and growing popularity of online shopping, some entrepreneurs have seen the potential in creating e-stores for groceries. If you understand the retail market, a bit of creative thinking and excellent customer service can help you build a great business.,,,,,,,, and are some of the online stores retailing groceries. Most of the existing etailers offer their service in metros and major urban centres. is leading online stores retailing groceries for KANPUR and SAHARANPUR and expanding to cover all Uttarpradesh cities soon.