Tetley Green Tea Long Leaf 100Gms

Tetley Green Tea Long Leaf 100Gms

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Try the tetley long leaf green tea, it has the goodness of premium green tea and it has a refreshing smell and taste at any time of the day. Have a hot cup of this and detox your system. Studies have proved drinking hot lemon tea over ice tea is very beneficial to ones health as it removes toxins and reduces the risk of cancer, it is also good for the skin and it helps fight acne. Due to the exotic taste of this tea it can become the premier choice of all your meetings, get-together and parties . Tetley long leaf green tea is a very refreshing and invigorating drink to consume. Using a little honey in the preparation will add zest and natural flavor to the drink. Tetley long leaf green tea has indeed become the talk of all the modern house holds. Tetley long leaf green tea is also helpful in loosing weight and is patronized amongst the fitness freaks. It is a suitable drink for people of all ages and all occasions. It is a 100 % vegetarian product made to give the consumers royalty like feel. 

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