Axe - Dark Temptation Deo

Axe - Dark Temptation Deo

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Its gently refreshing and luxurious fragrance gives you long lasting protection through a new effective deodorant system. The active formula of Axe Deodorant gives you continuous, effective protection against perspiration odours during the whole day This unique inspiring fragrance will transform your day into a true moment of pleasure. Axe is a scent of desire, created by the international diva of fragrances; Ann Gottlieb. The formulation is a base with higher efficacy to help men in attracting the fairer sex better than ever! And need we say anything about feminine attraction? You need to be a true Axe man to handle it all! The Axe Effect - Gets you more than before! Axe Deodorant Body spray is the all-over body spray with long-lasting fragrance and effective deodorant protection designed to seduce the ladies If you spray it, they will come.

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