Wildstone - Aqua Fresh Deo 150ml

Wildstone - Aqua Fresh Deo 150ml

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This man stays calm and composed even in the face of adversity. With a firm head on his shoulders, he can take any kind of pressure. With a spritz of Wild Stone Aqua Fresh Deo Spray, he is the cool shower you long to stand under after a sweltering day. Prepared for any challenge, his tranquil demeanour is enough to calm the worst case of nerves. This man can travel the length and breadth of the world and still come back home refreshed and energised as if he just took a walk down the beach. He goes about life with an elegant nonchalance that is the envy of many. Life is too short for being troubled, so he goes about his own way with a smile across his face. A whiff of this aqua fresh deo spray and he can heave a sigh of relief. Poured into a black and blue bottle that flaunts a scratch pattern on its surface, this structure suits his manly temperament. A spritz of this wild stone fragrance and he delves into deep, clear waters.

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