Wildstone - Forest Spice Deo 150ml

Wildstone - Forest Spice Deo 150ml

Brand: Wildstone
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Right from boyhood what interested him the most were not fast cars or motorbikes but those big brown trunks that reach up to the sky and magically sprout fruits. Spending many an afternoon scrambling up these mysterious beanstalks, little Jack lived through every fantasy he could imagine. Times changed, he grew up but his love for natures bounty still superseded all. For the times he just couldnt make it to that camping trip, he makes peace with a generous spray of Wild Stone Forest Spice Deo Spray. Wild Stone engulfs his being in the evergreen essence of nature that makes him feel enriched and refreshed. The fragrant accords of this forest spice deo spray remind him of his beloved childhood that was spent in glorious never-ending attempts of solving the mysteries of nature. Wrapped in the petrichor of his dreams, this man prefers to swing from the vines of a real jungle rather than a corporate one. This forest deo spray from Wild Stone comes in a deep leaf-green and jet-black bottle flaunting a rugged pattern. With this fragrance, everyday seems like a trip to the wild.

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