Wildstone - Red Body Deo 150ml

Wildstone - Red Body Deo 150ml

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Its a much-awaited Friday and everyone is at the pub downtown, celebrating the weekend to come. Amidst this chaos, this man casually strides in and makes a lasting impression. A worn-out brown jacket hangs from his strong, broad shoulders and his rugged stubble makes an impression. Complete with a spritz of Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Deo Spray and he is the macho stud. His husky and exceptionally masculine personality is intimidating yet undeniably attractive. Women swoon over his bulging biceps and piercing stare. A man of few words, this sensual deo spray clouds him in an aura where even his silence acts as a crowd puller. He enjoys the lone roads and the generous countryside. A true vagabond, he travels with spare change in his pocket and the cool wind blowing against his face. This Wild Stone deo captures this persona with its black and red bottle with a black cap. A whiff of this ultra sensual spray and he basks in the glory of his irresistible charm.

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